- Model S3 - Firewood Processor


Thanks to an automatic feed system, you do not need to support the stem while feeding it. Easily movable conveyors, a wide output conveyor and redesigned blade ensure comfortable use. Working with Bilke S3 Firewood Processor is both easy and safe.

Adjustable log length

Thanks to the length adjustment system, the desired log length can be varied to suit your need. The splitter can chop logs to lengths of 23–55 cm.

Top class blade design

The processor has a spiral blade cutter that splits the wood efficiently, producing an even cut. Thanks to the blade design, the power requirement for splitting and cutting is low.

Good productivity

Several thin stems and slabs can be placed on the conveyor simultaneously. Chopping several logs at the same time improves productivity!

No risk of jamming

The log splitter is supplied with a wide output conveyor that ensures that chopped wood is removed from the machine without jamming. Thanks to the wide conveyor, there is no risk of jamming even at high power.

Easy to transport

The output and feeding conveyors move easily on a pulley winch. Preparing the processor for use or transport is quick and easy.

Powered by electricity

The processor is powered by an electric motor. Using an electric motor allows you to select the power to suit your need.

Technical details:

  • Diameter of logs chopped: max 22.5 cm
  • Slab width: max 34 cm
  • Log length: 23–55 cm
  • Length of feeding conveyor: 200 cm
  • Length of output conveyor: 280 cm, 380 cm with extension
  • Installation: 3-point linkage
  • Output capacity: 10–30 m3/h
  • Power requirement: ca. 11 kW
  • Capacity: 40 cuts/min.
  • Weight: ca. 500 kg

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