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In order to provide better understanding of our product’s use we decided to divide our silos for 2 groups. One of them is called FARM SILOS. This product's line consist of silos with load capacity from 10 up to 130 tones (for wheat). FARM SILOS are dedicated for small and middle size farms, generally to be installed singly. Usually few FARM SILOS can be loaded and unloaded by one set of machines. Such as solution helps the farmers to save on equipment costs. BIN Ltd. supply several useful devices prepared to work with all of FARM SILOS. You can chose machinery that helps to load the grain, unload the grain and to run with grain ventilation (please take a look on the table below).

For each piece of equipment (device) described in the instruction manual, the noise level does not exceed 70 dB(A) – For all machinery described in the Instruction Manual, the noise level does not exceed 70 dB(A) – measurement method in accordance with PN–EN ISO 11201:1999, PN-N-01307:1994.

total capacity of the internal silo space (above the floor),

referred to the useful capacity, for wheat, density 750 kg/m3.


Dear Customer please note that:

standard equipment is included in the silo price, optionally equipment (option) is accessible for additional payment, not available equipment that is no accessible and no allowed to use by the manufacturer ( BIN Ltd.)

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