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The days of climbing a ladder up the side of your bin to manually probe multiple spots, only to get erratic, unreliable readings are finally over! The BinCheck Deluxe system allows you to monitor and analyze data over the internet. It will provide you with all the vital system information, alleviating the guesswork when it comes to drying your grain. Say goodbye to the days of inefficient operations that yield over-dried product and lost profits.


By implementing our BinCheck Deluxe system we can help prevent shrinkage and spoiled product by ensuring your operation is efficiently optimizing moisture content. In turn, the automated drying cycles will help maintain the integrity of the grain in all areas of the bin. This system will help you analyze temperature and moisture trends over time so you can keep your grain management system running smoothly.

  • Help maintain the integrity of the grain in all areas of the bin
  • Back light, long-lasting lithium ion battery

We understand that a substandard system directly translates to lost profits, so we’ll do all we can simplify your process and maintain your bottom line.

With BinCheckDeluxe, you can access data on the conditions of your stored grain from the comfort of your home or office, using your secure and personalized online account. With real-time data at hand, you have the vital information you need to confidently make decisions about when to run fans and heaters.

BinCheckDeluxe is designed to deliver flexibility:

  • The system works with web-enabled Smartphones, tablets and computers, so you can check on your grain anytime from anywhere.
  • Your BinCheckDeluxe solution will be set up with a customized number of moisture and/or temperature cables to help you monitor your grain effectively.
  • Your BinCheckDeluxe online account provides real-time alerts and notifications via text and e-mail, so you have the ability to act quickly if needed.
  • The BinCheckDeluxe technology is designed to have multiple bins in an operation communicate with one another wirelessly, so there is no need to daisy-chain them together.
  • The BinCheckDeluxe system is configurable for operations small and large, including elevators.

It's easy to upgrade from BinCheckDeluxe to a full BinManager System

In addition to providing comprehensive data about your grain condition, BinManager automatically assesses and uses this data to control when the fans and heaters run. It factors in outside weather data, plenum data and in-bin data to determine the appropriate fan and heater run-time and duration to dry and condition grain to your goals. With BinManager, you experience confident, hands-off means to managing your grain. Talk to your IntelliFarms Grain Specialist to discuss upgrading to BinManager.

BinCheckDeluxe System Components

  • Wireless controller, which transmits data to your online account
  • Customized amount of temperature and/or moisture cables for your bin(s)
  • Secure and personal online account

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