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The days of climbing a ladder up the side of your bin to manually probe multiple spots, only to get erratic, unreliable readings are finally over! The BinCheck Handheld system allows you to monitor and analyze data using a simple handheld device that you plug into a panel on the exterior of your grain bins. The walk-up access points allow you to plug the same device into multiple bins and read data from up to eight moisture cables per bin. It will provide you with all the vital system information, alleviating the guesswork when it comes to drying your grain. Say goodbye to the days of inefficient operations that yield over-dried product and lost profits.


Maximize Efficiency

By implementing our BinCheck Handheld system we can help prevent shrinkage and spoiled product by ensuring your operation is efficiently optimizing moisture content. In turn, the automated drying cycles will help maintain the integrity of the grain in all areas of the bin. This system will help you analyze temperature and moisture trends over time so you can keep your grain management system running smoothly.

  • Help maintain the integrity of the grain in all areas of the bin
  • User friendly - no computer or internet required
  • Back light, long-lasting lithium ion battery

We understand that a substandard system directly translates to lost profits, so we’ll do all we can simplify your process and maintain your bottom line.

Customizable Options

All of our grain management systems allow you to pick and choose appropriate machinery. We can help you find the right combination of fans and heaters to fit your needs, regardless of the size and scope of your operation. Our lineup of fans and heaters provide a wide range of functions, sizes and energy options. The BinCheck Handheld system is versatile and user friendly. If you upgrade to the BinCheck Deluxe, you’ll be able to monitor your system over the Internet and receive alerts via e-mail if any problems occur. Your options now include a rain gauge, wind speed indicator, theft prevention alerts, live market updates and much more. Our staff will provide expert advice to help implement the perfect system for monitoring and controlling your grain bins, so you can take the guesswork out of your system and maximize the profitability of your operation.

No more climbing up the side of your bin to manually probe multiple spots. And no more erratic, unreliable reads in the process. That's the reality with BinCheck Handheld. The system allows you to monitor your stored grain conditions with two feet firmly on the ground, using a simple handheld device that plugs into the panel on the exterior of your bin and delivers accurate readings on your grain's current temperature and moisture. From there, you have the reliable information you need to efficiently optimize moisture content and keep your storage operation running smoothly.

BinCheck Handheld is designed to deliver simplicity:

  • The System is designed to use on-site, so you aren't required to have computer or Internet access to use it.
  • The handheld device can be plugged into multiple bins and can read data from up to eight cables per bin.
  • The connector box easily mounts to the outside of the grain bins, allowing for convenient walk-up access.
  • The system comes with a USB cord, car charger and carrying bag for your on-the-go needs.
  • The handheld device is backlit, allowing you to easily check your bins at night.
  • The system runs on a long-life lithium ion battery.

BinCheck Handheld System Components

  • Handheld panel and cord
  • Bin-mountable connector port
  • Customized amount of temperature and/or moisture cables for your bin(s)
  • Padded carrying case
  • Car charger
  • USB cord

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