BinMaster -  a division of Garner Industries, Inc.

- Model 2500-PC - Handheld Readers



The handheld reader is a low cost, convenient device that allows you to read and collect data from temperature sensor cables or sensor lances. Each sensor cable or lance is connected in a sequential series and assigned a location number. Temperatures are read automatically and displayed by simply scrolling through each sensor location and viewing the temperature data for each sensor. The handheld reader comes in a handy carrying case with accessories including a USB cable for charging the unit, a universal connector cable that works with either temperature cables or lances, and a flashlight. Data can be automatically transferred to a PC using the software on the memory stick included in the kit.

  • Portable grain temperature monitoring and reporting 
  • Temporary of permanent temperature monitoring in bins, silos, piles, flat storage, or bodegas
  • Hay or silage temperature monitoring when used with sensor lances
  • On-board temperature monitoring on ships, railcars, or trucks

  • Portable monitoring of data from temperature sensor cables or sensor lances
  • Handy carrying case complete with USB charging cable, connector cable, and flashlight
  • Scroll with arrows between sensor cables/lances (LR arrow) and individual sensors (UD arrow)
  • Includes a memory stick for data transfer to PC software
  • Matrix view with trend data can indicate development of hot spots

Maximum Number of Cables Monitored: 20

Maximum Nunmber of Temperature Sensors Reported: 600

Data Transfer: Via memory stick included in the kit

Temperature Trend Data: Via matrix view

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