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BiNutrix Gold Poultry Litter/Chicken Litter Treatment is a specially formulated powder that works with nature to keep poultry healthy by stimulating the growth of non-pathogenic (safe) bacteria that consume biological waste. BiNutrix Gold helps to fuel this growth by providing all-natural supplemental minerals and nutrients to those rapidly expanding populations. Spraying BiNutrix Gold on the poultry litter does not require changes to the existing poultry farm practice. In fact, you can use bedding for more than one growth cycle and the bedding can serve as fertilizer when you are through with it.

  • Reduces odors
  • Reduces disease
  • Lowers animal mortality rate
  • Promotes healthier animals
  • Encourages greater animal weight gain
  • Enables the use of bedding for more than one growth cycle
  • Enables the use of bedding as fertilizer
  • Creates more pleasant environment for you to work or live

A successful, thriving, non-pathogenic microbial population that eats away at animal organic waste is dependent upon key factors being present simultaneously:

  • Organic degrading microorganisms.
  • Carbon, oxygen and water to permit the microorganisms to be metabolically active.
  • Sufficient quantities of supplemental biological nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorous compounds, to enable the microbial population to rapidly metabolize the available organic materials. These supplemental nutrients are supplied by BiNutrix Gold.

BiNutrix Gold reduces the presence of pathogenic microbes presumably due to greater competition from a healthy population of non-pathogenic microbes.

Also, the product enhances microbial biodegradation of the waste through a pathway that reduces the amount of malodorous gases emitted.

Appetite and Immune Systems. As biological waste accumulates in poultry litter, decomposition produces malodorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptans, volatile organic acids, phenols, and alcohols. These offensive gases are blamed for irritating or burning the throats of chickens, causing them to eat less, compromising their immune systems, and eventually impacting their health. Solution: BiNutrix Gold once-a-week suppresses the populations of the microbes releasing these gases.

Disease Transmission. Poultry raised commercially by intensive farming methods use high density growth conditions that can rapidly transmit diseases through the poultry house via the bedding. Bedding that is not kept as fresh as possible can act as a vector for diseases transmitted by pecking in the bedding. Solution: Regular use of BiNutrix Gold suppresses the populations of disease-causing microbes.

  • Mix 2 pounds of BiNutrix Gold with 2.5 gallons of water.
  • Fill a paint sprayer with the solution.
  • Apply initially before chickens are brought into the coop
  • Spray BiNutrix Gold on the bedding at a rate of 1 pound per 10' x 100' of bedding.
  • Following the spraying, rake BiNutrix Gold into the bedding 3-4 inches deep.
  • Reapply the product at week two and week four following the initial dosage.
  • On a weekly basis, break up any crusts which have formed in areas with water.
  • If possible, maintain moisture content at 15% to 25%.

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