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- Model Bodengranulat plus - Soil Conditioner



Organic biological matrix made from specially prepared brown sea weed With high molecular carbohydrates (Bio Saccharides)

Activation,stabilisation and regeneration of soils and plants :

  • Recultivating of golf and sports grass
  • Root zone mixture for sports pitch construction
  • On barren and compacted soils
  • Grass and plant areas
    (New constructions, regeneration, general maintenance)
  • Interlocking of the surface
  • Garden and Landscaping
  • Treatment of soils,.new areas and regeneration  
  • Plant and growing mediums
  • New plantations
  • Transplanting
  • Tree redevelopment


  • Soil and crumb structure
    Decompacts clay soils  – Binds light sandy soils.
  • Prevents soil, wind and water erosion
  • Promotes Micro Organisms in the soil.
  • Improves soil fertility and water holding capacity.
  • Releases locked up and partialy bound nutrients.
  • The buffering and neutralising from toxins through Ion
  • exchange capacities   (i.e. salt and heavy metals.)
  • The binding of fine particles in the soil.
  • Increases  the natural immune system of the of the plants
  • And offers protection against harmful environmental influences
  • Promotes quick and massive root development
  • Improved transporting of nutrients
    development of the Mykorrhiza

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