Model Bio-Ferm Gold - Grass Silage



Bio-Ferm Gold is one of the best selling inoculants in the UK and Ireland. It is a unique combination of 8 bacterial strains. This combination of 1.1 million lactic acid bacteria are able to dominate the less efficient natural bacteria present on forages. This domination produces a rapid fermentation with a stable pH achieved in 24 hours. Bio-Ferm Gold also contains enzymes to assist in the fermentation process in challenging conditions by releasing sugars which are then available to the bacteria.

Bio-Ferm Gold has the following 8 approvals in the UKASTA monitoring scheme,

G; Improved Live weight Gains

M Improved Milk Production

I; Improved Voluntary Intakes

D; Improved Digestability

EY; Improved efficiency in energy and protein utilisation

F; Improved fermentation

ET; Reduced Effluent

L; Reduction in Ensiling Losses

Bio-ferm Gold is available to apply as; Granular in 20kg bags @ 400 gm per tonne treating 50 tonne. Liquid in 500 gm sachets and apply at 2 litres per tonne treating 50 tonnes

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