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- Regulator fo the Biochemical Processes in Soil


Soil microorganisms are the first and the last link in the food chain on land...Not only below, but also above ground. 1 decare of healthy and fertile soil contains at least 1.000 kg of soil microorganisms.

  • BIO-ONE is a 100% natural, conscentrated, microbial biomass (fertilizer). It contains certain live, naturally occurring aerobic and anaerobic soil microorganisms and their nutrient medium.
  • BIO-ONE significantly reduces the need for Nitrogen fertilization (by up to 75%) with chemical or organic fertilizers.
  • BIO-ONE ensures yields superior to those achieved by the most advanced agricultural practices, at a substantially lower cost.
  • BIO-ONE fixes atmospheric Nitrogen and makes it available lo plants on 'as needed' basis. The timing of nutrient availability and uptake are optimized. Yield and quality are maximized while inputs are minimized.
  • BIO-ONE produces natural growth regulators such as Auxins. Indoleacetic Acid, and Gibberellic Acid with a natural control assuring that the fruit or plant does not grow so large that it loses its flavor. Ripening is optimized. Sugar and dry matter content, thus qualify of fruits and vegetables, are directly affected by the liming of Nitrogen availability and enzymatic activity.
  • BIO-ONE yields optimum amino-N. brix, and dry matter levels, achieving the highest yield, quality, and market value! possible.
  • BIO-ONE enhances the natural flavor and taste of fruits and vegetables.
  • BIO-ONE provides soil, nutrient, and metabolic! environment that nurtures crops, which are! healthier and more resilient to environmental elements! Deeper and healthier root penetration is a commonly observed effect of BIO-ONE. This allows crops to grow healthier and to be more resistant to weather.

Demand irrigation is reduced, while the negative impact of drought is diminished.

BIO-ONE is a hydrolytic product. During its activity, hydrogen is released and bonded with oxygen molecules to produce moisture on a small scale. Consequently, during hot, dry! conditions, there is an additional amount of moisture available for the plants.

Fanners also become aware of the decrease in harmful insects and Increase in beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, lacewings, etc. Earthworm population increases significantly. Fundamental and rapid improvement of soil structure is the most crucial and most immediately observable effect of BIO-ONE.

1 Dollar spent on BIO-ONE returns at least as 3 Dollars In additional income from yield gain by the least profitable crops such as wheat. Fruits and vegetables return In huge multiples.


Every +1°C above the optimal temperature lead to 10% yield loss.

  • Reduces plant stress due to heat and drought
  • BIO-ONE provides heat tolerance of up to +7 C above optimal

BIO-ONE increases Soil Organic Matter by min. 15% per year

  • Improves water penetration and retention
  • The microbial activity of BIO-ONE makes additional moisture available to plants during hot and dry conditions

  • 75% of the profitability in agriculture is determined by the soil organic matter levels
  • -30% less dependence on irrigation and rain!
  • The activities of BIO-ONE in the produce many By-products and substances that enhance soil particle aggregation.!
  • BIO-ONE increases Soil Organic Matter by min 15% per year

  • Improved seed germination
  • Optimized plant growth
  • Deeper, stronger roots
  • Healthier, more resilient crops! Exceptional resilience to climate challenges! improved fertility!


  • Fundamental and rapid improvement of soil physical structure and properties!
  • Compaction, clodding and crusting is eliminated.
  • Soils acquire a fine crumb structure.


Instructions: Follow The Instructions Below!

Example is for 1 Decare
Step 1

  • MIXING BIO-ONE Mix 1 part (300 cc) of BIO-ONE concentrate with 59 parts (18 liter) of water

Step 2

  • Mixing the Activator Mix 1 part (200 g) of 70% Humic Acid activator with 50 parts (10) liter of water. Add the Activator Mix with the Bio-One Mix

Step 3 Application

  • Apply the 28 liter Mtx on 1 decare. Avoid application on dry soil. Can be applied early in the morning with heavy dew. before or after rain, during or after Irrigation.
  • Apply 25% of the recommended rate of Nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Limit the Nitrogen fertilizer use to 25% of the conventionally recommended amount. Excessive application of Nitrogen fertilizer (more man 50% of the normally recommended amount) reduces the Nitrogen fixation efficacy of BIO-ONE.

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