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BIO-PAL Air HEPTA is an extension of the offer of heating devices designed for use with high-performance dryers. It is a waterless device, which is of great importance in the case of mounting it on the outside of the building or work in intermittent cycles in the autumn and winter.

BIO-PAL Air HEPTA is available in capacities from 1MW to 3MW. It has one long combustion chamber, enabling collaboration with external oil or gas burner.

Used in the heater combustion method cigar makes this unit can operate in continuous mode, continuously providing hot air at temperatures up to 110 ° C for drying.

Heater’s work controls freely programmable controller. Its use allows an almost unlimited ability to configure accessories, cooperation with gas and oil burners, heaters joining in cascade, remote access to the parameters and monitoring of work.

Standard equipment of hot air heater BIOPAL Air HEPTA is single-chamber waterless body with a combustion chamber lined with ceramic, flue gas-air exchanger, the control system of freely programmable controller, blowing fans for the combustion chamber and technoligical air fan for the dryer.


Hot air generator is used in conjunction with large dryers of grain, herbs, wood, sawdust, etc. It is adapted to operate with all dryers available on the Polish market - both existing and new built.


Hot air generator BIO-PAL Air HEPTA is fired with cereal straw, rape or meadow hay in the form of bales of or 'Heston'. As a substitute fuel can be used all the branches and stumps (roots) of trees.

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