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Hot air generator BIO-PAL AIR, has got two combustion chambers, that allows loading straw bales or cubes heston type, to secure combustion continuity. Best results gives firing of straw with humidity upto15%(12+15MJ/kg).

  1. BIO-PAL AIR 750 - power 750 kW, air temperature increase 100-120*0 with possibility to lower thanks to slowing down the combustion process.
  2. BIO-PAL AIR 1100 - power 1100 kW (other parameters according to the table)
  3. BIO-PAL AIR 1500 - power 1500 kW (other parameters according to the table)

Standard equipment of the hot generator is: two-chambers body, water exchanger (combustion chamber cooling with preliminary heating of inlet air at the same time), flue gas -air exchanger, control system, combustion chambers' fans, main blowing fan of the generator.

In case of using cumulative tank in thermal insulation, there is also a possibility of simultaneous supply of traditional central heating system.


Hot air generator BIO-PAL AIR is used in dryers of grain, herbs, wood etc. Is designed to work with all of the most commonly used dryers, both existing and new build.


Hot air generator BIO-PAL AIR is fired with cereal straw, rape straw or hay In the form of bales and cubes „heston' type. As a replacement fuel pieced wood and rootstocks can be used.

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