Palm Bunch Ash

Bio Potash


Palm Bunch Ash is 100% organic fertiliser, derived naturally from oil palm empty fruit bunch. This bunch ash has long been used and recognised by planters as the best and the cheapest source of Potassium (K2O).

Besides, Palm Bunch Ash is also well known for it commercial used in neutralising acidic or peaty soil naturally and effectively.

The Advantages Of Palm Bunch Ash

  • Bunch Ash price is cheaper than other fertiliser for Potassium (compared with international MOP market price ) . Thus, tremendous reduction in fertiliser cost.
  • It is 100% organic and eco-friendly product.
  • Recommended for all kind of plants (Paddy, Rubber, cocoa, coconut, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and others).
  • The best solution for neutralising acidic or peaty soil.
  • Magnificent impact in crop production (high yield).
  • Highly demanded as the main component in the production of other organic or compound fertilisers, as well as in soil conditioner products.

Specification: % (w/w)

  • Citric Acid Soluble Potash (K2O): 35% Min
  • Water Soluble Potash (K2O): 30% Min
  • Moisture: 5% Max
  • Passing through Sieve – 4.75 mm: 100%


  • Soil Application: 25 – 50 kg per Acre.

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