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Bio-S.I. agricultural formula is a microbial package for use on any type of crop and is certified organic. Bio-S.I. helps protect the plants from disease by out-competing the pathogenic microbes for space and food. Over time, the use of Bio-S.I. can reduce the amount of chemicals and fertilizer use.

General Information:

  • Not crop specific
  • Bio-S.I. will digest chemical residues that aid in causing hardpan and soil compaction
  • Works in the soil to move the ph toward neutral whether the soil is acidic or alkaline
  • Diverse populations of microbes improve the biological control of soil borne pathogens such as fungus and other root diseases; much better than fungicides.


  • General Recommendations:
  • Application from 1 qt to ½ gallon per application throughout the growing season
  • Can be applied by all standard application methods
  • Avoid mixing with harsh chemicals to preserve the integrity of the microbes

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