Bio Substrate



BIOsubstrate is natural growing medium composed of sphagnum peat moss and woodfiber and it is extremely well aerated and has high drainage capacity. This helps with rapid rooting and stronger roots, which results in rapid vegetative growth of plants.

Combination of peat and wood fiber leads to rapid rooting and stronger roots.

BIOsubstrate is a growing medium based on peat moss and wood fiber. For crops with extended cultivation period, the combination of peat moss and wood fiber has given excellent results. This combination provides the extra air that is necessary for roots of some crops and for plants under special cultivation or climatic circumstances. Wood fiber is lightweight and completely organic, it has been used in combination with other ingredients in substrates for over a decade. In case of very long cultivation period, the substrate around root decomposes and leaves the roots short of air sometimes, in this case it is a good idea to use Extra coarse peat combined with wood fiber. Wood fiber provides the extra air and structure stability so needed by some plants. BIOsubstrate provides structure stability and extra aeration for the roots of the plant.

Extra coarse BIOsubstrate is a universal potting substrate suitable for potting of a wide range of indoor plants, trees, ornamentals. This mix is suitable for long term cultivation in medium and large pots and containers. The substrate is made of 100% natural, a little decomposed milled peat moss combined with wood fiber. Substrate is with excellent water resistance, buffering ability, water and air porosity, it is pest and weed-free. The coarse structure increases the aeration of the growing roots and enhances the stability of structure thus enabling longer growing in the same substrate. The mix is with neutral pH, includes short term NPK fertilizer with trace elements and wetting agent for easier initial irrigation. Well applicable in situations where plants need to cope with high temperatures, lot of sunshine and other stress; the substrate is best for long term growing. Makes your plants grow better!

  • Trustworthy sources for raw material
  • Lightweight and well-compressible – decrease in transportation costs
  • Free of pollution, diseases, weed seeds
  • Made from biogradable materials, no disposal problems
  • Good drainage for roots
  • Good rewettability
  • Decrease in shrinkage value
  • Avoidance of accumulation of fine particles a the bottom of containers
  • Low fluctuation in salt and chloride levels
  • Produced in Europe

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