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- Charcoal Soil Application

Charcoal soil application draws on an ancient agricultural practice of Amazonian populations, which use, as a soil amendment. The product (Biochar) is a result of thermo chemical processes (pyrolysis, incomplete combustion, etc.) against vegetable materials, with the intent to increase overall soil fertility and productivity by sequestering the Biochar into the soil. Today the Biochar application to soil overall is regarded as one of the most promising strategies to climate change mitigation associated with improved total fertility of the soil and agricultural productivity.

This dual action is due to the presence of a very stable carbonaceous fraction (which allow storing carbon in the soil), the high stability and the positive effects on the hydrological characteristics of soil, nutrients availability and biological component. 

Gasification creates as a by-product a highly porous, fine-grained charcoal that varies in its chemical and physical properties depending on process typology and the originating feedstock. 

A.G.T. is strongly involved with the world scientific community to promote the use of Biochar in agriculture through active research, demonstration and divulgation, which aims to better understand improvements to soil dynamics and crop yield improvements. 

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