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BioChop Fish Silage Tank


The BioChop fish silage tank is a complete free-standing tank which was developed to the requirements of the fishing industry. The fish silage tank differs from the ordinary BioChop ensiling unit in that its pump has a shredder propeller and a specially designed knife system.

The tank handles all kinds of remnants, bones, intestines, rejected whole fish and other by-products from the fishing industry.

 If you need to store the liquid for an extended period, you will benefit from the BioChop hygienisation unit, which features automatic acid dosing and heat treatment.


The excess products are conveyed to the tank, comminuted, liquefied and pumped back out in one process.

The result of this process is a thin product which can easily be pumped in closed pipes to either a tanker or storage tank for further use or disposal, e.g. in a biogas plant.

The liquid substance can be acid-preserved if storage is required for an extended period.


Landia BioChop offers numerous advantages compared with traditional methods:

  • Your firm’s residual products can often be refined to valuable raw materials which can be sold, e.g. for the production of mink or animal feed or as an energy-efficient substrate for a biogas plant.
  • Significant cost savings on labour, transport and disposal.
  • An environmental gain from recycling your by-products, which can contribute to improving your firm’s green image.
  • The BioChop unit minimises obnoxious smells and prevents pests from entering the by-products, thus providing veterinary and work environment improvements.


During chopping of the waste, formic acid is added and processed into the medium. When the medium has been sufficiently processed and mixed, the pump is switched from mixing to pumping directly from the silage tank to the storage tank.

  • Pump and tank of acidproof stainless steel
  • Pump with shredder propeller and extended knife system
  • Cover for manual or automatic filling
  • Liquid lubricated intermediate and bottom bearing
  • Connecting branch to acid feeder
  • Access ladder to discharge valve
  • 15.0-30.0 kW motor

The pump is an integral part of the tank. The inlet opening in the pump casing is thus as even with the tank bottom as possible. This design ensures that what enters the tank will also get through the knife system and the pump. The bottom valve ensures that the tank can be cleaned and emptied completely.


Complete solutions for mixing and homogenization of fish silage in storage tanks

Landia has many years of experience within the field of mixing and homogenization of fish silage. Our engineers will design customized solutions which are based on short and heavy mixing. At the same time the power consumption and the wear of the mixer will be kept at a minimum.

The sealing system of the Landia mixers applied for the mixing of fish silage consists of lip seals, wear bushes and a grease chamber against the medium, as well as a mechanical seal between the grease chamber and the motor. Thus maximum resistance in connection with the harsh operating conditions is ensured.

The Landia mixers operate at medium temperatures up to 70° C and can be integrated in steel or concrete tanks.

Submersible Mixer

Type: POPR-I 300 rpm Motor size: 1.1-18.5 kW


The Landia mixers have large-blade propellers with a low number of revolutions. Thus they are well suited and efficient for the mixing of sludge with a high dry matter content.

Typical installation of mixer with removable crane arm in covered tank.

Landia offers solutions and systems to pump and mix difficult liquids. We develop, manufacture and distribute pumping and mixing systems. Pumps to chop, shred, cut, mascerate, grind and comminute. Mixers to agitate, homogenize and create liquid currents.

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