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The ProteinProcessor is a complete free-standing process plant which was specially developed for the extraction of protein from feathers, bones, shells and other category 3 by-products which remain after the processing of meat, fish, shellfish and poultry.

The Landia ProteinProcessor’s technology enables protein to be extracted from by-products and re-used, which has not previously been possible.

The processor extracts the hydrolysable part of the by-products which can subsequently be used to produce:

  • soups
  • seasoning
  • protein-enriched additives

The Landia ProteinProcessor system was developed in partnership with Novozymes and Danflavour, two of the world’s leading companies within the production of enzymes and seasoning ingredients.


The products are added to the tank, comminuted, liquefied, heat treated and pumped back out in one process.

The result of this process is a thin product which can easily be pumped in closed pipes to either a tanker or storage tank for further use.


Landia BioChop offers numerous advantages compared with traditional methods:

  • Your firm’s residual products can often be refined to valuable raw materials which can be sold, e.g. for the production of mink or animal feed or as an energy-efficient substrate for a biogas plant.
  • Significant cost savings on labour, transport and disposal.
  • An environmental gain from recycling your by-products, which can contribute to improving your firm’s green image.
  • The BioChop unit minimises obnoxious smells and prevents pests from entering the by-products, thus providing veterinary and work environment improvements.


New hydrolysing unit for the extraction of proteins from food grade by-products originating from the processing of:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Poultry

A new technology making it possible to extract proteins from food grade by-products which until now could not be used. The unit extracts the part of the by-products which can be hydrolysed and is applied directly or indirectly in the production of:

  • Fonds
  • Ingredients
  • Soups
  • Protein enriched food
  • Enzymatic Protein
  • Hydrolyser for
  • Food Grade
  • By-products
  • New

The meat, fish and poultry processing industry discards huge amounts of fresh meaty bones and other food grade by products containing proteins which can be used for human consumption.

In co-operation with Novozymes and Danflavour who are leading manufacturers of enzymes and flavours, Landia has developed a new unit for the extraction of these proteins.

The protein processor is characterised by its simple design with operationally reliable high-quality components. The unique design makes it possible to chop solid parts reducing particle size, to mix and to empty the tank with the same pump. The unit includes pump, valves, heat jacket and process control.

Landia offers:

  • Testrun on transportable pilot plants with customers raw materials at customer site
  • Evaluation of customer raw material supply
  • Several unit sizes and models, adapted to quantity and characteristics of by-products
  • Manufacturer’s engineer assistance during start-up
  • Training of owner’s staff for proper operation of the unit
  • Consultancy re the application and further processing of the hydrolysed product


The economy is based on a series of parameters which can differ widely from application to application. In most cases, however, pay-back time is less than a year, especially when the fond can be used on the site where it is produced.

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