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Bacteria are the primary decomposers of all organic waste. They have specific functions of degrading an enormous number of compounds both simple and complex. When the right strains are chosen they can even degrade toxic compounds that are man-made or those that are present in nature.

In aquaculture, massive quantities of organic compounds leach out from the feed into the pond water. These organic compounds may be rich in nitrate and phosphate, which disturbs the ecology of the pond by stimulating only certain type of life forms. The microbial communities become unstable. The toxicity of the pond goes up due to the incomplete decomposition of the organic matter. The discharge of faecal matter by the shrimp/fish into the pond adds to the toxicity of the water. This deterioration of the water quality increases the culture's susceptibility to stress and disease. The partially decomposed sludge starts breeding certain pathogenic bacteria viz. Vibrio cholera. High amount of toxic wastes induces blue green algae to thrive, and become unstable, the incidence of disease and stunted growth increases, and mortality rates soar.

Bioclean Aqua is a proprietary blend of carefully selected naturally occurring microorganisms, enzymes and growth stimulating factors. It is a balanced formula of upto 94 different microbial strains, which work synergistically to lower the toxicity level in the pond and create a healthier and more beneficial environment for fish, prawn and shrimp. The toxic pollutants are broken down to non-toxic by-products such as carbon dioxide and water. This is also evident when there will be a remarkable reduction in foul odours in the pond water.

It is preferable to pre-treat the water with Bioclean Aqua before introduction of the culture into the pond. The number of water exchanges can be reduced by using this high technology bioproduct Bioclean Aqua.

  • Decomposes organic sludge, reducing the need for water exchanges.
  • Reduces ammonia levels, and hence controls algae growth and prevents brown blood disease.
  • Stabilizes oxygen levels, so that the fish can breathe easier.
  • Reduces BOD and COD levels.
  • Reduces formation of Hydrogen Sulphide.
  • Prevents and treats floating clumps resulting from dead planktons.
  • Stabilizes bloom conditions and prevents over-blooming of algae.
  • Suppresses Coliform, Vibrio and Aeromonas Counts.
  • Promotes growth rate and hence production. Increases product weight.
  • Reduces off-flavoured product.
  • Boosts immunity of animal, reduces mortality and improves survival rates.
  • Allows higher stocking rates.
  • Improves feed conversion ratio.
  • Reduces number of days of growth cycle, hence time taken to market is lower.

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