Biocompost BG LTD

Biocompost BG LTD

- In-Vessel Composting


All life forms on land originate from compost and are bound to turn into compost. It is the fundamental law of nature. Life depends on it.

Composting is the Most Cost Effective and Efficient

  • Fertilizer
  • Fungicide
  • Pesticide
  • Herbicide

Protection Against Animal And Human Diseases
Compost Reduces the Need for Rain Or Irrigation By Up to 30%

  • Modem societies invest huge sums of money to abate and utilize organic waste.
  • Composting is a 100% natural process completing the natural cycle of regeneration.
  • BIOCOMPOST is the only instance on the market, which complies with Nature's requirements for composting - continuously aerobic, dynamic composting. The product (BIOCOMPOST) is hygienic, stable compost with fully completed cycle of humification.
  • The fully dynamic, aerobic composting technology of BIOCOMPOST fully utilizes the key components of composting, such as oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and heat in an enclosed bio-reactor.

  • Every 1% soil organic matter retains 15,600 liters of water in every 1000 m2 of soil.
  • That is extra 100 Liters of water in every 1 m3 of soil.
  • Each 100 kg of BIOCOMPOST helps retain an extra ~60 Liters of water in the soil.


To protect nature and create high added value
Disposal of biomass from livestock, poultry farms and the biodegradable fraction of municipal waste in non-composted state in nature  leads to permanent contamination of soil and water and huge economic loss.

  • Our facilities are engineered to create the optimal conditions for the microorganisms, which facilitate the processes of active and passive composting.
  • Step-by-step . BC's System
  • Storage of organic waste (feedstock) in enclosed buffer vessels.
  • Preparation of the composting mix by chopping and mixing the feedstock components.
  • Achieving the C:N ratio and moisture content necessary for composting.

4. 72-96 hours of active, fully dynamic, aerobic composting in BC BioComposter vessels
5. Four weeks of passive composting and curing
6. Storage, packing and dispatch of the finished BioCompost product.

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