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Bio Discs are used as a mulching materials within localized areas. The upper part is made of 100% coir fibres and the lower part of black propylene.

Bio Discs are widely used as a protection for young plants and trees because they provide a good amount of moisture and allow the root system to grow healthy. These Discs protect the roots of the plants against sunrays and control the weed growth at the base of the plant. Plus, Bio Discs prevent weed to absorb precious nutritive soil matter. They are available in several sizes and thickness or tailored upon client’s needs.

Mulching blankets control weed growth and provide mulching for at least 3 years. Mulching layers are available as pre-cut pieces for single plants protection - pieces have a central hole to insert the plant.


  • Diameter sizes: 20-25-30-40-50 cm
  • Upon request, Bio Discs can be provided with a biodegradable polyethylene membrane
  • Bio Discs last about 5 months

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