- Living Bacteria Nourishing and Enriching Soil and Plant in Natural Ways



Growth, development and biomass production is important processes in plant physiology. Plant growth Hormones (PGH) play crucial functýons despite that they are present in trace amounts in the plants. Naturally occurring PGHs in the plants are classified in îo 5 groups: 1-Oxins, 2-Cytochinis. 3-Gibberellins, 4-Dormins and 5-Ethylene groups.

BIODOLL produces balanced amounts of PGHs with functions of its bacterýa species during proliferation on plant roots, stems, branches and leaves in turn benefiting host plants on which they live. Mutual association of this type is common in the nature. But, adverse conditions and detrimental practices harms this type ot associative relation betvveen plants and bacterial flora. This results in considerable yield loses in crop plants. BIODOLL application a!leviatesthisdrawbackand restorescropyields.

BIODOLL contains a mýxture of bacterial species that feed on plant exudates, multiplye and produce PGHs «vhen applied with pulverisation on plants, given to roots with irrigationwater. PGHs produced confer resisîancetoplants against adverse environmental conditions and abýotic factors and in the end assist crop plants achieve the highest crop yields.

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