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- Model EDDHSA - Solid Iron Chelates



A solid iron EDDHSA chelate at 6% w/w, which comes in the form of completely soluble microgranules to be applied, normally, by means of fertirrigation, specially formulated to correct ferric chlorosis. Due to its high iron content, highly chelated in a 4,8% ortho-ortho position, its application is specially recommended in very alkaline or calcareous soils, in which a supply of iron is essential for the crops to grow satisfactorily.


Iron (Fe) chelated and completely soluble 6,0
Chelated fraction orto-orto 4,8 mínimo
Chelating agent EDDHA
Chlorine content (Cl) less than 1%
The pH range which ensures the stability of the chelated fraction is 4 to 12. 

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