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Initiates accumulation of nitrogen from the atmosphere, some of the a nitrogen bacteria itself, and the rest is left in the soil for plants i n avai table form. consumes Bacillus magisterium var    Phosphaticum  After application on the soil, releases phosphorus from plant unavailable forms such as calcium. iron and aluminum phosphates, and turns it into plant available forms of organic phosphorus. Bacillus mucilaginosus  siliceous. This bacteria increases potassium mobility in the soil After application 40-60 kg/ha more potassium is found in the working soil depth. Plant's that uptake more potassium, has better resistance to diseases and insects.   


  • Azotobacter vinelandii (N) - Bacterial colonies
  • Bacilus megaterium var (P)- Bacterial colonies
  • Bacillus mucilaginosus siliceus (K) - Bacterial colonies


  • Fixes nitrogen from atmosphere
  • Releases phosphorus from plant unavailable forms
  • Mobilizes potassium in soil

As a result, increases NPK absorption for plants from soil and mineral fertilizers

Application techniques:

Can  be  mixed with ordinary sprayers water and    sprayed    with
How to use:

1.0-2 Ol/ha, spraying onto the soil or on the plant       

Dosage - 200-300 liters of water / ha

Suitable for all types of soils and all crops Sprayed before sowing or at the begi nni ng of vegetation
The product can be mixed with all kinds of biological  products, micronutrients fertilizers, pesticides,  unless the manufacturer of pesticides or fertilizers states otherwise

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