Behind the smell of our microbial mixture is a precise balance of nutrients, bacterial aids and natural growth acceleratore. MicrobeAct® products are based on years of development field trials and university studies, with proven success in a variety of organic waste markets. MicrobeAct® products are proprietary formulas based on targeting select bacteria for specific applications. These bacteria formulas are grown and stabilized for long shelf life, and are easy to apply in the field to address the specific needs.


Why is MICROBEACT a superior product line?


Our products have the following which our competitors do not:


  • Photosynthetic Bacteria - promoting photosynthesis

  • Autotrophic bacteria for improved CO2 conversion

  • Rare earth water soluble humates - mined from organic matter, not leonardite which is not water soluble

  • Ecto - Mycorrhizal fungi

  • Nitrogen-fixing bacteria to allow for reduced chemical inputs and conversion of nitrogen present in the atmosphere into forms usable by plants, lawns, trees and shrubs

  • A wide culture consortium to restore balance to the soil web

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