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The preparation: reduces leaf surface tension after using a pesticide, improves moisturizing of the leaf surface which helps penetrate the plant, improves spreading of the oil drop on the leaf surface (improves penetrating ability of herbicides), reduces washing the preparation off by rainfall and dewdrops, improves the efficiency of pesticides which helps reduce recommended doses.

Application with herbicides:

Bioherb should be used according to instruction for a particular pesticide.

It is particularly recommended to use the adjuvant when the crops are overgrown with weeds of medium resistance to herbicides used so far, weeds at an advanced growth stage and when plants can be exposed to heavy rainfall a few hours after application of a herbicide.

Recommended dose:

1l/ha of the product in 200-300 l of water or the amount of water recommended by the producer of the herbicide.

How to use

  • Prepare working solution of a pesticide in accordance with the instruction on the label. Add a dose of herbicide into 50% of recommended amount of water and stir thoroughly. Keeping the stirrer in operation, add measured amount of BIOHERB preparation and fill it up with water until the required amount. Keep mixing.
  • The working solution should be prepared directly before use.
  • Rinse the empty container with water three times and pour the washings into a sprinkler with the working liquid.

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