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- Slow-release Organic Fertilizer


Biohumus is a slow-release organic fertilizer where the nutrients are fixed to the organic substance and made available to the plants by soil organisms.

Due to the high content of organic substance, Biohumus improves the humus supply in the soil and optimizes its biological and physical properties. The result: intensive activity of the soil organisms and high crumb stability, as well as improved water storage capacity and water conductivity. As a further advantage, the plants benefit from the so-called priming effect: more nutrients are available that are released from the soil supply.

Biohumus produces excellent yields and can be used in many areas, from arable farming to grassland. This product promotes soil improvement and nutrient mobilization in particular in poor soils.

Biohumus is produced from high-quality raw materials. You can rely on the highest ecological standards: Biohumus contains no weed seeds, no animal materials, and is simple and absolutely safe to use Biohums is 100 % pure granulated fungal biomass.

  • environmentally balanced
  • enriches the soil
  • good yields with high quality
  • healthier, stronger plants
  • safe and easy to use

In addition, Biohumus promotes the humus formation and soil fertility due its organic substance. Biohumus activates the soil life and regenerates the soil with a lasting effect. Higher humus values, better rooting and vitalization are specific characteristics of the organic finished fertilizer.

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