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- Organic Fertilizer for Olive



BIOLIVO is a 100% organic fertilizer with slow-releasing nitrogen (N = 6%), developed to guarantee a complete and well-balanced nutrition to olive tree. BIOLIVO also contains phosphorus (3%) and potassium (5%). It is very rich in organic carbon (C = 38%!). Its formulation is ideal for olive thanks to the addition of boron. Nitrogen is strictly bound with biological organic carbon, so it is not washed away and remains available for plant during months.

Organic nitrogen (N) 6%
Total phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) 3%
Water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O) 5%
Water-soluble boron (B) 0.05%
Total Organic Carbon (C) 38%
Organic matter 66%

Humidity 7%
Formulation Pellet

BIOLIVO is a fertilizer allowed in organic farming according to EC REG. 834/2007.

BIOLIVO is a product processed in an authorized plant (Authorization no. ABP833UFERT2) according to the EC 1069/2009 regulation on animal by-products processing.

PACKAGE: Available in bags of 25 and 500 Kg.

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