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- Model 25M - Scanmask Spray



25 Million Steinernema feltiae nematodes in our easy to spray formulation.  Protect 715 to 1400 square feet from over 230 different pests.  Free 2 day UPS Shipping!  Discounts on orders of 2 or more!

Just add to cold water and spray or water onto your plant’s soil. 25 million nematodes treat between 714 and 1400 square feet depending on the application. Great for treatment of flea larvae in your lawn, fungus gnats in your potted plants, or controlling all sorts of pests in your garden. Deadly to over 230 different pests and yet safe for people, pets, and plants. Scanmask Spray is compatible with all other organic products.

Stores refrigerated for two months. Specific directions and application rates enclosed. For best results: apply at dusk, water before application, use a coarse spray during application, and water again after application being sure to rinse application off foliage.

Ships Monday through Wednesday by 2 day UPS in an insulated box with ice. Please refrigerate upon arrival until use.

Order 2 and the price is just $49.99 each!

Order 3 or 4 and the price is just $46.48 each!

Order 5 or more and the price is just $39.82 each!

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