Biomark, Inc.

Biomark, Inc.

- Model HPT8 PIT - Electronic Tagging of Fish


Biomark PIT tags for the electronic tagging of fish have been specially designed for aquaculture and marine use.

Several sizes available, high performance 

Biomark PIT tags are supplied pre-programmed with ID numbers. They are available in different sizes and outputs.

ISO certified    All Biomark PIT tags satisfy the international ISO standards 11784 and 11785. This means that they are compatible with electronic reading equipment that complies with these standards. ISO certified PIT tags ensure 100% unique identification of each fish.

Pre-loaded needles 

Needles used for tagging fish are supplied with inserted PIT tags, ready for use. This means that disinfection is not necessary, nor manual loading of needles, making the tagging work both safe and effective. 

Pre-loaded needles may be easily ordered in the required quantity or on trays containing 100 units.

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