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- Thick Coir Fibres



Biorolls are cylinders made of thick coir fibres – fibres are wrapped up by a rhombus netting made of coir.

These materials are very flexible and have an excellent mechanical resistance. Installed alongside vulnerable streams, rivers or other watercourses, Biorolls provide a solution to insulate soil against erosion. The long-lasting coir fibres guarantee a good defence against erosion and allow the vegetation alongside the streams to grow healthy.

Over the time, rolls will decompose disappearing and leaving room for natural vegetation to grow. Handiness and flexibility of these materials provide an easy and fast solution to protect banks. Biorolls are light to handle and can adapt to natural morphology. Plus, these products are not toxic and compatible to wildlife.

The special features of coir fibres allow aquatic plants to grow healthy even inside the rolls themselves. Biorolls provide an effective protection and a perfect environment for root systems to grow – after decomposition of Biorolls, new nutritive organic matter will be naturally provided.

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