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A huge challenge to the expansion of the aquaculture industry is the outbreak of disease which threatens many profitable and viable aquaculture operations throughout the world today. Aquaculture loses millions of dollars in revenue annually due to aquatic animal disease and the damage to local biodiversity is immeasurable. Diseases can originated from any number of sources and spread through recognised vectors such as fish stock, staff, visitors, equipment, transportation, other aquatic life, birds and animals and even the aquatic environment itself.

Medication and vaccination has and will continue to play a major role in aquatic disease management, and we believe that the addition of a holistic preventative approach through the implementation of an Aquaculture Biosecurity Program (ABP) is essential to further reduce and control disease impact.

The eAqua APB approach aims to block disease transmission onto and off a fish farm and to block the spread of disease within the farm through prevention, control and eradication. At eAqua we can assist you at the producer level to ensure Biosecurity is a standardized, flexible and integral part of your farming process.

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