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- Oxygenation for Land Based Aquaculture



BiOx diffuser is based on the patented NetOx technology, but with other properties better suited for use in freshwater or where the water column above the diffuser is limited. BiOx benefits from being made of flexible and robust materials, unlike ceramic diffusers that may crack after some time in use or when accidentally exposed to a sharp blow. Longer durability and competitive price also makes BiOx the cheaper alternative.

BiOx is capable of diffusing oxygen gas to large waterbodies, which is important when a high capacity is required to deal with an emergency. BiOx can be easily expanded or connected to different formations and networks as needed and according to the shape of the tank.

Advantages of BiOx:

  • Adds O2 to large areas of the tank
  • Layout easily made in any shape needed
  • Easy to upscale
  • Low weight
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance

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