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Deer Repellent Made Easy. Safely keep pest deer away from your outdoor space without chemicals or traps.

  • Ultrasonic (Silent) Deer Repellent Device
  • Humane, Easy to Use and Extremely Effective
  • Protects Gardens and Lawns from Damage
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Great for any outdoor space
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Protects up to 4,000 sq. ft

High-frequency soundwaves (silent to most humans) irritate deer, making them flee to seek calmer, untreated areas.

Guarantee + Warranty

Humane. Ultrasonic sound waves do not harm deer, only irritates them.

This device only repels deer enough to make them leave the treated area.

  • Designed for residential use
  • Safe, energy-conscious, green, non-toxic
  • Easy to operate, motion-activated

WARNING: This product contains DEHP, a phthalate chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.

  • Built especially for small outdoor areas. Effective coverage up to 4,000 sq. ft. per unit.

  • Deer
  • Rodents (Rats and Mice)
  • Bats and Squirrels
  • Cats and Dogs
  • Skunks and Possums
  • Raccoons
  • Rabbits
  • Armadillos
  • Insects

  • Gardens, Lawns, and Backyards
  • Patios, Porches and Courtyards
  • Ponds, Rivers, Meadows
  • Barns, Farms, and Stables
  • Front and Side Yards
  • Ornamental Gardens, Shrubs
  • Community Gardens and Parks
  • Driveways and Private Roads
  • Orchards and Vineyards

  • Protect gardens, plants, and property from deer & pest damage
  • Cut recurring cleanup & repair costs
  • Reduce health & liability risks associated with deer & pest infestation
  • Prevent the spread of diseases, such as West Nile, Salmonella, E. Coli, Histoplasmosis, & even rabies (bats)
  • Save outdoor grounds from pest damage
  • Increase/maintain property aesthetics
  • Decrease nuisance for residents, workers, customers, & other visitors

  • Unit Dimensions: 6.75” x 5.5” x 3.5”
  • Box dimensions: 10' x 8' x 4' / Shipping weight: 3 lbs
  • AC Power Cord Length: 30 ft. (all versions)
  • Coverage: Up to 4,000 sq. ft.
  • Frequency: 15–25 kHz (adjustable)
  • Sound Pressure: 90 dB at 1 meter
  • Electricity Costs: Less than $0.25 per month
  • Compliance: EPA Est. 089624-CHN-001. CE marked
  • Motion Sensor Range: 35’ x 70’
  • Working Current: <200mA
  • Power Supply: 4 x 1.5V “C” batteries or 120vAC adaptor. Other voltage adaptors should be purchased locally. Unit switches to battery power during a power failure (if batteries are in).

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