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- Model Trendline Light - Crop Ranger


Crop Ranger VX Trendline Light can be retro-fitted or specified for new harvesters. It features a 70cm hydraulically variable knife position and optional side knives, essential for OSR and very useful when lifting laid or lodged crops, supplementing the action of the manually adjusted header angle which places the cutter bar under the laid material.

They also effectively eliminate any crops tangled around the crop dividers, maintaining forward speed.

‘Auto contour’ maintains uniform cutting across uneven terrain. Reel speed and resume are synchronised. An inline auger clutch disengages when overloaded without loss of drive to the knives.

Trendline Light is a steel framed header like the VX Highline headers. The user can spec it up to suit their needs.

Crop Ranger VX Trendline is available in widths up to 7.5m for all leading combine models.

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