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- Model Ultralight 800 - Header


The new Ultralight 800 (launched Nov 2013) is built from high grade aluminium. The result is a rigid platform with considerable weight saving benefits. The latest 12.3m header weighs in at just 3650 kg (3900 with side knives), shaving almost a 1000 kg of the previous model.

Other patented innovations include hydraulic side knives and a fully variable cutting bed with smooth forward extension up to 800mm, both controlled from the combine’s cab. Independent gearboxes at either end of the header provide a balanced operation that is both quiet and relatively vibration free. The main functions (Side knife, tilt, bed for/aft) are operated using the machines own pump and 10ltr reservoir

The header angle is adjustable to suit slopes and inclines with failsafe protection. The stainless steel auger is split in the middle and features a central bearing while the dual knives overlap for efficient operation across the full 12m cut.
The reel height and angle is hydraulically adjusted from the cab. Similarly the reel tines can be angled giving flexibility to tackle laid crops. The tine bars are shrouded to minimise snagging. The side knives can be used in combination with the side dividers in OSR and tangled crops.

During UK testing in 2013, the 12.3m header was operating well within its limits at 8.5kph and 60 ton/hr. Other sizes will be available for harvest 2014.

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