- Indoor Soil-Free Process for Use in Organic Food Production


Black Castings is 99% worm castings, completely processed by worms and NOT mixed with inert material. It is produced in an indoor soil-free process from completely vegan ingredients (no manures), contains no weed seeds, and has been processed to reduce live worm cocoons for indoor and turf applications. Black Castings is OMRI listed by the manufacturer for use in organic food production.

The product is conveniently bagged and palletized in mixed sizes for easy retail, and is also available wholesale in bulk one ton totes.

  1. Aid plant’s ability to suppress diseases (phythium, fusarium, dollar spot, etc)
  2. Reduce algae in greenhouse, ponds, and lagoons – no nitrogen run-off
  3. May be be applied to phosphate sensitive areas
  4. Reduce irrigation cost up to 50%
  5. Increase drought resistance
  6. Reduce all chemical costs by 75% first year of a three year program
  7. No ground water contamination
  8. Increase Brix
  9. Not toxic – reduce liabilities for employees and clients

Pure Black Castings is more than an organic fertilizer. It is a living organic fertilizer that is setting the standard for all fertilizers.

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