- Self-Propelled Harvesters


Designed to harvest both large and small bushes efficiently it is fundamentally different from other blackcurrant harvesters in the way in which the chassis has been designed on the basis of a tractor power unit with a pivoting front axle so that the harvester achieves excellent traction and steering as well as good stability for the operators at the rear of the machine. Powered by a 4-cylinder water cooled diesel engine, the transmission and other hydraulic systems are driven through a series of 5 pumps from the power unit providing a very flexible delivery of power to all parts of the machine. Efficient harvesting is achieved through the use of uniquely flexible conveyors which have been specifically designed to minimise fruit loss.

  • Flexible operation Good manoeuvrability     
  • Excellent efficiency and high yields    
  • Economical speeds      
  • Good accessibility for cleaning and maintenance     
  • Component uniformity     
  • Field proven reliability     
  • Value for money

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