Blue Pond Dye - EZ Blue Liquid+



The use of aquatic dyes is an interesting concept that has definite value to reduce the nutrients that encourage algae and plant growth for better water quality. The principal benefit of 'EZ Blue Liquid+' is to block out the red-orange and blue-violet spectrum from the sunlight. This is natural radiant light in the spectrum that can contribute to the growth of algae: also, by blocking the sunlight we can reduce the sun rays that hit the bottom of the pond, as the water is more opaque, thus we are reducing the warming effects of the sun compared to an untreated pond or lagoon.

Adding dyes to the pond is also for aesthetics and often that is the main reason for golf course owners or public pond owners who use it to decide to add the colorant. It can hide the shallow plants and algae that may be growing and in cases of wedding photos or public areas it can turn a muddy gray water into a much more appealing bright blue!

'EZ Blue Liquid+' is safe for all aquatic life and is environmentally friendly when used as directed. When diluted properly 'EZ Blue Liquid+' will not stain.

'EZ Blue Liquid+' is available in 1 quart & 5 gallon containers. It is also available in 4x1 gallon, 6x1 quart and 12x1 quart cases.

DO NOT FREEZE! Store in a cool dry location. SEE M.S.D.S

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