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Blueberry Sunshine Blue


A highly ornamental blueberry, forming a neat, compact bush with blue-green leaves that makes a good container plant for the patio. Bright pink flowers set well to give a prolific crop that may need thinning to avoid overtaxing the plant, particularly when young. The medium sized berries have a good flavour when fully ripe. Mid to late season ripening, often still picking until the first frosts. Fully self fertile, so doesn't require a pollination partner.

Sunshine Blue is the best variety of blueberry if you have very little space or you can only manage a single bush. It is also virtually evergreen, retaining most of its leaves through the winter and only shedding them as new, bronze coloured growth starts in Spring. Sunshine Blue can be clipped and pruned to any shape you desire, and even if the plant becomes overgrown and twiggy, just cut it back and it will bush out again the following year.

  • Yield: high
  • Fruit Size: medium
  • Flavour: medium-sweet
  • Fruit Colour: medium-blue
  • Height: 2-3ft (1m)
  • Bush Habit: slow
  • Comments: self fertile. Fruit needs thinning to prevent overcropping.

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