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- Blueberry Harvester

BlueMax manufactures the only industrial blueberry harvester in Canada. Blueberry growers can significantly reduce their blueberry picking labour costs by using BlueMax blueberry harvesters to pick their crop. Watch the BlueMax harvester in action in the video below.

1) 54-inch Flail Mower:

The newly developed 54” Flail Mower operates easily in all kinds of terrain, including blueberry fields, orchards, and vineyards.

2) 54-inch Blueberry Harvester:

The most efficient blueberry harvester on the market. This harvester can fill 2-3 boxes at one time. The incorporated broom design helps pick blueberries faster and more efficiently. These hydraulic harvesters use 100% biodegradable hydraulic oil to protect blueberries in the event that any was spilled.

3) 40-inch Blueberry Harvester:

The smallest but most accurate blueberry harvester, it is able to easily follow the ground with its small width and floating head and is ideal for smaller fields. Despite its small size, this harvester uses 2 boxes.

How it works:

While advancing forward the blueberry harvester’s teeth and rotating broom will gently remove the berries from the plant. At the same time, a ground roller holds the stem preventing it from being uprooted. The berries are gently wept back into the head of the blueberry picker until it becomes full. The operator then hydraulically dumps the head into the boxes where the berries will stay until processed. When the boxes are full the operator will simply slide the boxes out on the harvested side and replace with empties stored at the rear of the tractor.

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