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BlueOcean and its drug formulation JV partner CMAX Technologies, have developed game changing first to market Extended Release Tablets (XR) of Omega-3 shrimp and fish oils that increase bioavailability. CMAX has proven XR technology used to convert difficult to formulate prescription drugs into more bio-available one-a-day XR tablets (e.g. Quetiapine Fumarate XR and Metoprolol Succinate ). Pure Polar XR omega-3/astaxanthin shrimp and fish oils are 100% commercialized. Custom XR formulation opportunity for customers who wish to have their own omega-3 / astaxanthin oils made into XR tablets.

Slow-release tableting of omega-3/astaxanthin oils is a new formulation for these essential dietary supplements which are currently only available in standard gel caps. CMAX’s tableting technology is currently being used in the pharmaceutical industry for the formulation of a number of BCS class 2 drugs currently awaiting FDA approval. These slow-release omega tablets will be much smaller and easier to swallow than standard omega-3 gel caps.

CMAX’s patent-pending slow-release technology has been proven to result in dramatic bio-availability increases in pharmaceutical applications. The slow-release omega-3 tablets will also be formulated for maximum bio-availability versus standard omega-3 fish oil gel caps.

The tiny omega-3 fish oil tablets seen above were made by the JV using powdered omega-3 fish oil. The JV will also offer custom formulation for customers from their preferred fish, krill and algal oils, or will license its formulation technology to those customers who prefer to produce their own slow-release tablets.

Also seen above are astaxanthin/phospholipid/omega-3 shrimp oil tablets made from AstaShrimp oil. These tablets are currently available for consumers through the Pure Polar Extended Release brand, that was named top 5 Most Innovative Product for Heart Health at the 2015 Supply Side West Show in Las Vegas.

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