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BM Tractors was established in 1990 and have established an impressive market positioning on the continent and a reputation for advanced technology and competitive pricing. The reverse drive system available on the BM 130 allows the operator to work in forward and backward mode without time consuming turning. This works particularly well when fitted with the Ferri TSH 7.20 m Telescopic arm with 180 degrees rotation system on the flail head as shown at the ADA Demo, an ideal combination for river bank mowing.

BM Tractors can tackle gradients of up to 40 degrees, making them the perfect machine for winter works too.

With a FERRI rear mounted forestry mulcher or with a front/rear mower, BM tractors become the most productive units on the market for any type of forestry and grass cutting works .

Front and rear double P.T.O shafts (540 and 1000) ensure the complete optimisation of engine power and of dedicated Ferri equipment.

Steel frame providing strength, elasticity and low weight. The front and rear axles are directly linked to the relevant lifting units for a perfect adaptability of the implements to the ground.

The machine is operated with a joystick complete with all controls for the auxiliary circuits.
Steering system with independent axles: front wheels only, rear wheels or 4 wheel drive.

The Electronic BETCAM SYSTEM with 6 gear ratios that can be used when the machine runs and equipped with automatic downshifting in case of excessive stress during travel.

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