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- Model CT122 - Tractor

The CT122 is perfect for working in and around barns and sheds, mowing, property maintenance or light-duty work. Just like the CT120, it's an excellent way to get legendary Bobcat� productivity for your small farm or commercial property. The CT122, however, has ten percent more horsepower, providing extra muscle for hilly terrain or large mowing jobs.

  • Premium Features: Bobcat makes premium features standard on its tractors, so attachments and implements are easy to switch and easy to use.
  • Front-End Loader Versatility: Easily move or carry dirt, mulch or manure; dig dirt and dump material with our front-end loader. Bobcat's dual hydraulic pumps, together with greater tractive effort, provide consistent, ample power for lifting.
  • 3-Point Hitch Versatility: Designed so 1 person can quickly change implements as the job requires-without constantly climbing on and off the tractor to check your link positioning.
  • Standard Telescoping Lower Links: Typically found only on premium machines, telescoping lower links come standard on most Bobcat compact tractors.
  • PTO Versatility: Every Bobcat tractor comes with rear Power Take-Off for your rear-mounted implements, and optional mid-PTO operates plenty of powered implements that eliminate difficult hand labor.
  • Live PTO: Available on models CT235 and lower, enabling your PTO to stay engaged at full speeds as your stop or change directions while mowing around landscape features.

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