Bobruisk Agromash

Model MJT-F-6 - Slurry Tanker



The slurry tanker MJT-F-6 is designed for self-loading, transportation, mixing and overall surface distribution of  liquid organic fertilizers as well as for transportation of service water, car washing, fire-fighting, road washing, etc. Loading of fertilizers into the tanker is performed by the vacuum system via the intake hose. Spreading of fertilizers is performed by the centrifugal pump that also mixes fertilizers during their transportation.

The tanker is available in three versions:

  1. MJT-F-6 – carrying capacity 6t;
  2. MJT-F-6-1 – carrying capacity 7t;
  3. MJT-F-6-2 – carrying capacity 6t on the low-pressure tires.

Load-carrying capacity, t 6,0/7,0
Self-loading time, min 4…7
Liquid  intake depth, m 2,5
Overall dimensions, m
length 6,5/7,3
width 2,5
height 3,5
Mass, t 3,0
Application rate, t/ha 10…60
Application width, m 6…12
Tractor drawbar category (MTZ) 1,4
Capacity, t/h 20/23
Tractor drawbar device type (MTZ) TSU-2/TSU-2V(hydraulic hook/yoke)

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