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Talex has made an impact on the market with our high-perfor- mance box tedder/rake called the Bocian. The machine is ideal for both livestock and arable farms. Through a high speed rapid rotation shaft which uses 7mm springs the machine delivers raised,broken and aerated material with low moisture content.There are adjustable outlet fl aps to control the windrow width. Bocian performs perfectly in the preparation of green silage mass.The machine has the ad- ditional versatility to be used in arable production for handling grain straw. BOCIAN effi ciency is about 4-6 h /h depending on the amount of green mass and width of the machine.

The BOCIAN is a box tedder designed to work where the grass and straw need to be properly aerated,to ensure a high quality of fodder production and has been designed to minimise the work associated with the collection of mowed forage materials. BOCIAN has been checked and tested by farmers in Scandinavian countries and Great Britain.It is a well designed and practical tedder meeting the require- ments of today’s dairy producers.

QUICK DRYING By its high impact fl uffi ng action,aerating and break- ing the swath,the Bocian allows farmers to reduce drying time by up to half.Fast drying time reduces the loss of nutrients,and allows for production of more palatable feed. Rain damaged swath is much easier to “fi x” by using our Bocian tedder/rake.

LESS WORK Less work for processing the swath is required when the Bocian is used-time and money is saved by eliminating need for spreading and secondary raking of the swath. With the Bocian you get two for one vehicular operations raking and spreading simulta- neously.

LESS POLLUTION Contamination is reduced by inverting the swath through the chamber of the Bocian and laying it in straight windrow without spreading it on the ground. Soil and stone inclusions are fur- ther reduced by eliminating the need for separate double passes for re-raking of the swath.

SWATH CONTROL The Bocian drying,aerates and breakes the leaves,stalks and blades in the swath and lays them in equal rows, whose width can be reduced or increased by the adjustable rear out- let door. This allows you to adjust the width of the row to the width of the machine, which takes part in the next step: baling or silage trailer collection etc.

PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT With BOCIAN we receive mate- rial with very low moisture. Effl uents resulting from the production of low dry mass silage does not get into the environment.

Strong and simple design, easy for everyday use.

  • The BOCIAN has been manufactured from high quality ma
  • terials and with respectful use and appropriate service it is a machine that will serve for many years of hard work. The main rotor shaft is driven by a chain,which eliminates
  • The possibility of drive slippage and reduces maintenance effort and expenditure by removing the need to replace worn belts. Wheels have a height adjustment and a ‘loose’ turns
  • High quality components ensure stable operation of the • main rotor shaft and the machine as a whole. Security on the springs prevents broken or damaged
  • Springs falling into the swath which could lead to damage in the balers, trailers or other machines that participates in the next stage of the collection. The adjustable rear outlet doors allow you to adjust the
  • Width of swath to the needs of the next stage of the collection.

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