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- Screens of Agrotextiles



Screens are used more and more in greenhouses for different reasons. They limit the loss of energy, provide a more even climate in the greenhouse, reflect the excess sunlight or even darken the greenhouse.

We divide the screens in the following categories:

As a result of advancing automation and the use of assimilation lamps, the risk of fire in greenhouse horticulture has increased significantly. If a greenhouse fire is able to spread by the screen, the consequences can be serious. This is why Bonar Technical Fabrics has developed a totally new range of flame retardant screens under the name PhormiTex. PhormiTex screens combine already proven screen qualities with a certified fire performance (Bs1 and B1, European en German standards respectively). The current PhormiTex range comprises energy and combined shading and energy screens which are tailored to most common growing conditions and climate requirements as regards characteristics and options.

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