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- Model MB Series - Front Loaders


Our MB models are front loaders for farm tractors built to carry out jobs within the farm such as round ball moving, manure loading, earth and gravel movement, pallet loading and unloading and any other applications that could be useful in the sector. The loader is equipped with quick-hitch device that allows to unhitch it from the tractor in a few minutes removing two pins and the hydraulic tubes through quick coupling or upon request a multi connection plate. The mechanic parallelogram always maintains the terminal tool levelled to the ground avoiding useless corrections for the operator. Supporting frames are fastened in three points: front axle, clutch block, rear axle assuring the maximum rigidity.

Our front loaders operate with original tractor distributors with 2 double effect levers: if the tractor should lack the distributor or if it were uncomfortable our distributor with single lever control, multi connection plate, single lever with button for third function with electrovalve could be mounted. The loader can be equipped with quick-hitch devices for the terminal tools. This operation makes the replacement of the tools quicker. The tools include: earth bucket – cereal bucket, bale fork, manure fork, side shift pallet fork, log fork, log fork and grapples and snow blade. For equipment not included in this list please contact us for explanations.

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