BONINO di Bonino C. & C. s.a.s.

- Model AB 50 & 60 - Self Propelled Self Loading Cutter Wagons



The version with “Busatis” double knife cutter bar enables clean and precise cutting of forage, favouring regrowth.

  • ur self-propelled self-loading cutter wagons are distinguished by their entirely hydraulic operation and four-wheel drive.
  • These machines are manufactured with prolonged and intense use in mind, and combine high levels of comfort and ergonomics, solidity, reliability and great cutting precision.
  • They can be fitted with a rotary cutter bar with two drums, or with the “Busatis” double knife system

  • The self-loading conveyor is positioned in such a way as to load the cut product without allowing it to fall to the ground, ensuring perfect cleanliness of the forage, without damaging it in any way.
  • The settling and discharge belt is driven by a hydraulic motor which is independent of all other components, ensuring consistent settling and regular discharge of the product.
  • On request, forage can be discharged directly into feeding troughs by means of a dedicated belt, or with special dosing rollers.
  • In order to satisfy the requirements of all our customers, these machines can be adapted for harvesting of vegetables.

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