- Model Max - AMS & Drift Retardant Concentrate



A highly concentrated, liquid adjuvant premix of drift reduction polymers, retention aids and ammonium sulfate. Designed to enhance crop protection product performance on a wide range of weed species, Border Max reduces drift, eliminates spray particle bounce and improves adhesion to the leaf surface. Border Max is an ideal foundation adjuvant for applicators requiring lower use rates, drift control and real ammonium sulfate for glyphosate-based tank mixes.

  • It’s used at just 4–5 quarts per 100 gallons of spray solution. That’s half the rate of ordinary AMS-based drift retardant premixes.
  • It delivers 3.4–4.25 lbs. of AMS in 4–5 quarts.
  • It doesn’t require heated storage.
  • Maintains tank mix flexibility: Holds costs down by not including a fixed amount of NIS that may not be needed. Compatible with a wide range of adjuvants.
  • Delivers superior drift control performance: Ideal with Spraying Systems’ Turbo TeeJet or AIXR TeeJet nozzles.

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