- Model Xtra DF - Activator & Drift Retardant



Designed to maximize crop protection performance on a wider range of weed species by maximizing adhesion of the spray solution to the leaf surface. Provides 17 lbs of ammonium sulfate plus the optimum 8 oz level of HPG polymer technology. HPG polymer technology has also been proven to provide superior drift reduction characteristics when compared to ordinary drift retardants.

  • WeatherMAX compatible
  • Ammonium sulfate based adjuvant
  • Provides required levels of ammonium ions for improved plant uptake
  • Prevents pesticide antagonism from hard water ions
  • Optimizes retention of spray solution on target leaf surfaces
  • Maximizes Glyphosate performance on velvetleaf, morningglories and other tough-to-control weeds 
  • HPG polymer technology reduces drift potential
  • Won't break down like ordinary drift retardants
  • Consistent drift control from sprayer start to finish
  • Easy to mix
  • Dissolves quickly
  • Won't plug screens and nozzles
  • Formulated with antifoam to prevent foaming
  • Concentrated dry formulation
  • No jugs to rinse and dispose of
  • Less product to handle than liquids
  • One bag equals 10 gallons of competitive liquids

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